Sunday, April 29, 2012

What? Sunday night already?

Wow, the weekend sure went by fast! And I feel like I have been run over by a truck! My little munchkins internal clock is a pain in the neck! She was up by 6:30am both on Saturday and Sunday! NO sleeping in for this momma!

BUT I must say, it was a productive weekend! We did some fun activities, went shopping and Im excited about this oneI started working on my 1st Freebie! I am hoping that I get around to finalizing it by the end of the week to be able to share!

Anyhow, the little munchkins interest in Ladybugs is still going strong and this weekend we stopped by a toy/teacher store in the mall and found what I had been looking to purchase online: Lady Bug Land! And a Teacher Discount at the store was even better!
She is super excited and is already eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ladybug larvae- even though I wont be sending the card out until tomorrow! I know, I know-- bad momma---I should have done it as soon as we opened the box! Oops

Well, I am sure she will forget all about it until they actually arriveor until she notices where I put the Ladybug habitat in her playroom!

BUT I have many other things planned to hold her interest until then! I found a set of Beginner Skill floor puzzles (four puzzles) at this same store and I originally bought it with the intention of using them in my classroom but once she got her little hands on it, it was over! You know those toddlers: Its MINE! 

And she shocked me when she was done with all four puzzles in no time!

So, now I probably will have to go get another set for my classroom OR sneak them out of the house and hope she doesnt notice they are gone! J

Well thats about all the excitement I have for now 

I am one exhausted momma and I have to deal with 19 preschool munchkins tomorrow, so I will have to post again tomorrow and share the other things my little munchkin and I did this weekend...

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