Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some Earth Day Fun at Home

After going to see the movie “The Lorax” last week, I wanted to do some kind of extension acitivity with my little munchkin. I found this idea on Pinterest and knew we had to do it!

We made Lorax Cookies!

The little munchkin and I also did some Earth artwork at home, after dinner one day. 
I originally wanted to do this with my preschool munchkins but we have another lousy rule that states that we can’t use food as art.BOOO! 
And I found a similar activity for my preschoolers to do but I still wanted to do this one, which was originally done with pistachio shells.

We made a 3D globe/ Earth using pasta shells!


  1. Hi there, I just found you and am your newest follower. That is a cute project. Glad I found you. Come on over and visit me sometime I would love to have you. ;o)
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  2. Hi Vicky! Glad you found me and stopped by! I see you are quite the newbie blogger too... Thanks for helping me gain some followers/friends! I checked out your blog- very cute! I like your ideas having giveaways when you reached a certain amount of followers....I am going to have to think of a good giveaway to have if/when I reach 100 followers! Any ideas to share? ;)