Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break....Ahhhh!! =)

Spring break has gotten off to a great start! This spring break is a much needed vacation for me. Since my husband took the new job (last March) and relocated us to New York, I feel like I have been on GO
Last spring break was spent traveling to and from Chicago and Buffalo and the summer was the Big Move, so that was more than enough to deal with...
Add to that a quick hire at a daycare center within 1 month of moving here (and daycare jobs basically means a year round job with NO breaks)...
Then, the Christmas holidays called for more traveling.UGH!

Thankfully a teaching job came along just in time and allowed me to have a Spring Break! And this year there will be no traveling (unless making trips to Walmart or Michaels) or stressful work!  

YAY for a relaxing break!! It is VERY much needed..

Anyhow, although I love the munchkins at school I am happy to be spending some fun quality time with my own little munchkin and my big 13 year old munchkin, at home!

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