Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Water Bead Sensory Bin!

My munchkin and I were so caught up in doing Easter crafts and such; we got a late start on her April sensory bin.
I had wanted to try water beads with her and I had put them in water (in her sensory bin) like a week ago and they have been just sitting there! I had combined purple and clear water beads but they ended up being pink and purple! 

So I finally pulled out the water beads and toys that I had intended to put in her bin a week ago (mostly Easter type stuff), but she didn’t care! 

She had a blast pouring the water beads inside the eggs and in the funnels. 

She loved her new toys in her sensory bin and it was hard to pull her away from there long enough to get her to eat dinner!

Guess it’s a keeper for the month!

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