Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Training Takes Away Teaching Time...!

So today I attended my 1st Universal PreK Teacher training (since I started this job in February) and I will admit, I was a bit excited! Being a new teacher in this city, I felt like a rookie… LOL
 It wasn’t the most inspiring meeting since all we did ALL day was look at the Scope and Sequence of our curriculum in detail and align it with the NYS Early Childhood Common Core Standards... that’s quite boring! But it was great to meet other preschool teachers outside of my Head Start center!

Anyhow it was a little break from my preschool munchkins, which is always needed, BUT we have so much to cover this week and so I felt like I lost a day. I could have left my actual lessons and activities with my aides but being me, I wanted to oversee everything and of course I needed to take pictures myself! Sounds selfish I know, but when I plan activities for the 1st time, I prefer to be the one facilitating it all, you know what I mean?

Stay tuned for our Week of the Young Child activities, as we focus on multiculturalism and study the country of Italy!

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