Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Activities are a Sweet Treat!!

   Ok, so Halloween is right around the corner and I know I said I was back and would be blogging regularly, but too many little things keep getting in the way!
   Anyhow, the learning fun is continuing at home, as I have been creating fun activities for my little one to do at home independently. I took note that she does a lot of art work in school and so if I engage her in art activities, she loses interest after a short time. And I also took note that her interest in letters/sounds and writing are advancing. So the activities that I put out on her Montessori inspired trays are more focused on literacy and math.
    Here is a Halloween Beginning Sound activity that is included in my "Spook-tacular Halloween Literacy Activities" pack:
    Here are some additional activities that are included in this fun filled pack!

    Here is a Ghost Addition activity from my "Spook-tacular Halloween Math Activities" pack:
    First we used the picture cards and then I found some ghost erasers in my Halloween stash and we used the Addition mats again!
    Here are some additional activities that are included in this math pack:
     I also came across this freebie from Kindergarten Smiles, that I could not resist!
    We are so excited about Halloween this year and are hoping for decent Trick or Treating weather!!
    Here is a hint of what my little munchkin is dressing up as this Halloween:
    And YES--- my hubby and I are dressing up as well to complete the whole theme! My teen son decided not to participate in all of this.... he would rather be a Spartan or Knight... or something like that!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Celebrating Fall with Fun Math & Literacy!

   Alright, fall is definitely in the air!
   It didn't exactly feel that way today with the humidity... but still....
   The little munchkin and I are very excited that fall is here! We spent some time outdoors today and collected pinecones and leaves for some future art projects. We can't wait until there are enough leaves in our backyard so we can rake them up and go crazy!
    And since I am know that in one day, there can be a swift change in temperature, I have been working on some Fall Math & Literacy units for those days it may be too rainy and cold to be outside. Nothing big... each unit has only three printable activities. 
Take a look and click on the pic to get your own copy at my TPT store:

I am sure your kiddos will enjoy them! 
\My little munchkin is enjoying the activity trays... even after a long school day!

Friday, October 4, 2013

"The Year of Randomness"

   I know it has been a long while since I last posted a word, but I promise you, I did not fall off the face of the earth. But sadly... I am not teaching this year ...yet! At first, it was a little bit hard getting used to the idea of not having a classroom...
   I must say that although I do miss teaching and all the shenaningans that come with it, I have been enjoying my time off. I have become a stay at home, carpooling mom! It certainly is a different world.
   This school year is probably going to be dubbed as:
   Lately, I have been catching up on the show "Parenthood", taking my little munchkin to and from school every day, carpooling twice a week with 2 other moms at my son's high school and just enjoying the fact that I am able to do so!
    I also recently embarked on a new small business adventure and have become an Independent Beauty Consultant with BeautiControl.
    I tried their products at a spa demonstration back in July and fell in love! Now I spend my weekends pampering women with our awesome skincare products,  having fun AND making some extra cash on the side! My Spa Parties are what I look forward to every weekend!
   But I have to admit, I have been getting a little bored lately.... (just a little), during the week. I know I should be working my mobile spa business all the time, but I like it as a weekend thing. I gives me something to look forward to! So I decided to apply for a part time job at Kohls. Hey, I love to shop there... so why not, right? Turns out, it took little effort to get hired, especially with seasonal hiring about to begin... and so, I start next week.
   So, yea... "The Year of Randomness"
   Anyhow, my little one and I are still doing fun learning activities together in our spare time-- well, her spare time, really. I can't let all of my creative energy go to waste now, can I?  She surprises me some days when, after 6 hours in her K Readiness program, she still comes home and wants to do "work". So I keep it fun and have been sticking with Montessori inspired trays and activities that I switch out every few days to keep her interest.
   Here are a few pics from last month as we learned about the letter Tt, letter recognition and worked on some fine motor skills


   And with the free time I have on my hands now, I have been putting more time into creating some mini math & literacy learning activity packs that the little munchkin and I will be working on in the coming month! I will be posting them this weekend!
    So, stay tuned because...I'm back!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

More fun with Letter Mm!

     So, the Back to School countdown for my kids has begun!
     The school clothes have been bought (just need shoes) and almost everything is crossed off the School Supply lists!
     Even with all the Back to School craze, the little munchkin and I still find time for our learning fun with the letter Mm.
     We worked on the letter Mm in different ways. She built M & M shapes using printables from the Letter of the Week curriculum created by Confessions of a Homeschooler, and then she quickly did a graphing activity--- so she could eat the M & Ms!!
     She gave her little fingers some work as she cut small pieces of tape to secure her Mm stencil onto a paper. To add variety to her painting tools, here she clipped cotton balls onto a clothespin and used it to paint.
    And more fine motor work came with cutting and gluing to make a Monkey!
     Earlier last week, we explored our new Alphabet Soup Cans and drew pictures of the items. Mid week, I created some labels and pulled out letter tiles and she worked on spelling each "M" item on the tray.                                  
    And here are a few pics of her Reading Corner. We had a monkey theme going on all week!
    We had so much fun creating these Five Little Monkey Props. I made the bed simply by covering a tissue box with felt and added a little blanket... and rolled up the extra felt to make a pillow! 
     Lots of letter Mm fun...some Montessori and some not! 
     But all fun and educational either way! Just the way I like it!!