Monday, August 19, 2013

More fun with Letter Mm!

     So, the Back to School countdown for my kids has begun!
     The school clothes have been bought (just need shoes) and almost everything is crossed off the School Supply lists!
     Even with all the Back to School craze, the little munchkin and I still find time for our learning fun with the letter Mm.
     We worked on the letter Mm in different ways. She built M & M shapes using printables from the Letter of the Week curriculum created by Confessions of a Homeschooler, and then she quickly did a graphing activity--- so she could eat the M & Ms!!
     She gave her little fingers some work as she cut small pieces of tape to secure her Mm stencil onto a paper. To add variety to her painting tools, here she clipped cotton balls onto a clothespin and used it to paint.
    And more fine motor work came with cutting and gluing to make a Monkey!
     Earlier last week, we explored our new Alphabet Soup Cans and drew pictures of the items. Mid week, I created some labels and pulled out letter tiles and she worked on spelling each "M" item on the tray.                                  
    And here are a few pics of her Reading Corner. We had a monkey theme going on all week!
    We had so much fun creating these Five Little Monkey Props. I made the bed simply by covering a tissue box with felt and added a little blanket... and rolled up the extra felt to make a pillow! 
     Lots of letter Mm fun...some Montessori and some not! 
     But all fun and educational either way! Just the way I like it!!

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  1. Hi Sara! I just found your blog from the Fifth in the Middle NY blogger link! YAY! Your letter ideas are PRECIOUS! I love the background of your blog, too! I'd love you to stop over to my blog if you get a chance!
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