Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to School Blues...

   So, it has been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged about anything. It’s not that I have abandoned my lovely teaching blog at all. More like, hmmm, maybe just thinking about if and how I might have to revamp it? I am not sure what to call it.
   Here’s the thing. Last post I rambled on about the decisions I had to make as a mom and a teacher. Well since then, my decision has been made: I need to find a job closer to home.
   What does that mean? Means no more jobs/commutes into the city… there are far too many time issues with drop off and pick up for my little munchkin at her new (private) preschool. But thanks to my workaholic hubby, things are manageable for the time being, as I search for a job (maybe even something part time) closer to home.
   I can say with all honesty, that I am a little…hmmm? What‘s the word?... “sketchy?” about my decision. Jobs leads are scarce and I am a little nervous, not to mention a little… depressed?? For the past 9 years, this time of year brought excitement as I prepped for a new group of kids. This year with a possibility that I will not have my own classroom, makes me a little sad. I read everyone’s blog and I love the excitement, but do not like that I am not in that boat… yet! (Things can turn around in 3 weeks!!)  
   I have a serious case of Back to School Blues...
   Maybe part time work is what I need for now? Maybe this is a sign that I need to take it easy this year…? I don’t know. Sure, being a SAHM will be totally new to me… but does it count when there are NO kids at home during the day?? =) 
   BUT----- I must say that I am very excited about being able to drop my daughter off at school (NOT daycare anymore) every morning and pick her up at dismissal (rather than have her stay late at an After Care program until 5pm or later) And with a part time gig, I can have “me” time and be more involved in the school communities (at her school and my son’s high school) Those are definitely the things I am looking forward to!!
   So… that is where I am at. I guess I will sit back and enjoy my extended summer vacation!!
   In the meantime, I am still working with my little munchkin in fine tuning skills before she heads off to her Kindergarten Readiness program in a few weeks. And lately, I have indulged myself into learning more about the world of Montessori…
   Stay tuned to see how I plan to intermix Montessori methods and principles with what I have currently being doing with at home with my little one!

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  1. Awwww I know your feeling....but I can't wait till the kids are back in school and I can hang up my referee shirt they are driving me daughter is in 5th grade and my son is going into preschool which instead of 2x a week will now be 3x a week I get an extra day to myself.....and 2 more years I can go back to work part time I can't wait!!!!!