Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm Back...with decisions to be made!

    Well, I am back in NY after a week of Disney Fun in Florida!
    I must say, I wish I could still be on vacation so I don't have to deal with making the difficult decisions I have to make, with the new school year around the corner... .
   I'm feeling highly unmotivated since we got back from vacation. Between sending my son to a military charter high school and sending my daughter to a full day Kindergarten Readiness program (which are limited out here), NOTHING is falling into place.
   The suburban school district we live in denied bussing for my son to attend the military charter high school (which is in the city)  because of a stupid application deadline that is the same date as when charter school acceptance letters are sent out....
   And my daughter's start time for school is the same as my start time at work!
     What is a career mom to do??????
    My options seem very limited right now. Because we don't really have family or (non-working) friends we can ask for help, I feel I can do one of 2 things:  I can return to work at my Head Start center and be able to take my son to school myself (both are in the city)  HOWEVER, if I do that then I cannot send my daughter to the K Readiness preschool program (which is near home) because of a time conflict with drop off and she would go back to costly daycare. OR I can look for a job closer to home (I would have to teach my son how to take public transportation, but still be able to do morning drop off for my daugher)  OR work part time.  (And then I can take both of them to school!) 
    Thing is, teaching jobs in the nearby school districts are scarce. The opportunities are just not there.... yet. There is always the option to sub, but I don't know about that!! 
    On paper, we will be just fine financially, if I settle for a part time job or even not work at all for a few months until something comes up. 
    So I have some big decisions to make in the next few days.  Wednesday is my deadline... I might just end up with a part time teaching job somewhere and have to take a back seat to teaching in my own classroom this coming school year... And I don't really know how I feel about all that!   
     Ugh, the decisions!
    What would YOU do? Any advice to offer?

    Anyhow, enough on that. The little munchkin is ready to get back into learning mode! So as I stress about what is in store for the next school year, we will continue tomorrow with our learning fun!!

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