Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rubber Duckies Rock!!

    We are camping with the Virtual Book Club Summer Camp again this week!
    We took last week off from the Book Club Summer Camp because of the 4th of July holiday and we had family in town. The first half of our week was filled with last minute family fun and we said goodbye to our family this morning. 
    So with the house empty (with hubby at work and my teen son in Chicago until Sunday), the little munchkin and I went camping again!
    This week's theme has been Water Play.
    One of the recommended books for this week is "10 Little Rubber Ducks" by Eric Carle.  Again, me being me and wanting to do so many things at once, I looked for a way to combine learning activities. 
   And since the next letter we are going to learn about is Letter Dd, a Duck themed book/activity was perfect!! Ah, some times I love the way I think!!
   Anyhow, here is the math (and water play) activity that I created for the little munchkin.
      I had originally wanted to use her water table, but with all the rain we have had, there was too much wet sand in it (and you know wet sand weighs a ton) for me to clean it out all by myself! 
    After reading the book, she searched each duck for the numbers to match the Number Line.
And here is alternative version that was a little more challenging.
    Then the REAL water play fun started when she added in some dish soap and I gathered random toys & objects for her to use.
  Discovering that some of the rubber duckies blew bubbles was the best part!
    After about an hour of playing, she was pretty wet from all the little splashing and splashing and she wanted to come inside to change. I'm sure if it was warmer outside, she would have continued to play.
    Once she got settled inside, we did a quick spelling activity using letter stamps. She spelled the word DUCK, not one time, not two times, but THREE times!!
So that was the awesome Ducky Water Play fun we had today! 

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