Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Letter Cc is for Cookie!!

   We are moving along with our SWEET unit, and after drooling over ice cream activities (and ice cream!), we have moved on to learn about the letter Cc.
   Last summer, we did an extensive Cupcake theme when we learned about letter Cc and had lots of fun with Laura Numeroffs If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.
   Here are a few pics from that Cupcake Fun!
   So this time, we focused on a Cookie theme for our Letter Cc fun!
   To introduce a few items that begin with the Cc sound, she cut out a huge circle and looked at different pictures to determine which ones began with the Cc sound. She glued them onto a smaller brown circle and then made a large Chocolate chip cookie!
   And what better book to use than another of Laura Numeroffs books: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”?
   We used my storytelling kit as we read the book and then used some printables that I came across from 123 Homeschool 4  Me, centered around the book. Best part: It's FREE!!
   I made each of the printables into more of a game, just to make it more fun and exciting.
   The packet has a few word tracing sheets and her and I took turns tracing the letters of each word and asking each other to name the letters. Can you tell which ones are her writing?

  She also worked on her counting with a Cookie Jar Ten Frame game I created, which will be available soon in my TPT store.
   And then she had some spelling fun with these ABC Cookies for Learning Resources.  

And I bet it was that much more fun because she was doing it in her new Tinkerbell tent that I snagged in the Clearance shelves at Walmart for a whooping $7! 
  Tomorrow I will be posting some Water Play fun as we join the Virtual Book Club Summer Camp once again! Stay tuned for tomorrows Water Play theme activity!

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