Monday, July 15, 2013

Dots! Dots! Dots!

    The little munchkin is learning about the letter Dd!
    Dd is for Dots, Donuts, and...Disney!! 
Yep, only 4 more days until we are in Disney World!
    Anyhow, our fun started with DOTS!! Lots and lots of dots!
    She worked on the Dd sound by using sparkly dot letter stickers (from Target's Dollar Spot) to spell words that begin with the letter Dd. She matched the letters, spelled it out aloud and then wrote each word.
    She worked on counting and number identification with these math mats I use in my classroom.

    And dots are TONS of fun to paint, right?
    First she placed dot stickers all over cardstock paper and painted over it.
     When it was all dry, we peeled off the dot stickers!
    And then I found these fun dot painter thingees for her to paint with.
Lots of Dot fun!!

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