Thursday, March 2, 2017

Making Math Fun!

 One of my favorite centers is the Math Center. Now I am no fan of math, but being in a Dual Immersion program means that most of my materials/activities need to be in Spanish. However, when it comes to math, it goes across both languages, in that the only thing that is needed is a change of vocabulary. So it has been easy- and fun- to create learning activities for my Math Center.
  In my Math Center, there is one shelf. There are at least 8 activities for the children to choose from. Each center activity is specifically geared to whatever skills we have learned and skills that we are in the process of learning-- with some activities being a little more challenging for those kiddos who need it.
  Below are the activities that I had in my Math Center throughout the month of February. I just finished putting them away earlier this week! And now I am working on getting my March Math Centers prepped and ready to go.  (Click on the pictures for some of my favorite TPT resource!)

Building Number Sense:

 Number Sense with Ten/Twenty Frames:


 Fine Motor: Sort & Count

Counting by 10's:

Write The Room:

 Color by Number:

My kinders really enjoy peeking in the bins of each center at the beginning of every week to see what new things they can access that week and explore.  The Math Center is one of the first places they gravitate towards every Monday morning!