Thursday, July 18, 2013

Disney or Bust!

    Alright, so here we are on the eve of our family vacation. I'm sitting here sipping a glass of wine b/c I really hope it all goes well. Sometimes the little munchkin can be unpredictable! So I have to be prepared for anything!!
   Anyhow, so I got a little carried away in hyping up our trip. Check it out: 
          *Thank You, Pinterest for all the wonderful inspiration!
    I purchased a personalized Minnie head (on Etsy) and used it both as an iron on transfer to make the little munchkin's carry on bag. And then just printed one out and used contact paper to secure it onto a paint tin. I filled it with Minnie Mouse goodies that are now in her carry on bag.
    AND we made our very own autograph book with foam sheets, index cards, ring binders and a cute Princess scrapbook sticker! It will save me some $$!
   After that purchase, I was hooked on Etsy. I came across seller, The Lemonade Girl, who personalized these cute cups for my little one to take into the parks! SUPER cute!! You have to go check her out! She makes lots of cute, personalized things!
    And LOOK! Even I wanted in on all the creative fun, so I went to the nail salon and they designed these awesome Minnie Nails for me (using an example from Pinterest, of course!)
   Ah, so much fun to be had with anything Disney!!
   For the past 2 days, (as if the excitement wasn't there already), I had quite a few activities planned for the munchkin. I found this Fairy Princess Bingo at From The Pond.
 We got really creative and here is our version of the game:
*We used her Princess toys as cover ups!
   And I used some printables from this Princess Pack created by 123 Homeschool For Me. ( I made sure to put some sheets aside to use on the plane ride)
She worked on Patterning.
                     And she made stick puppets!
    Here is another Princess Pack I found  at Over the Big Moon and I printed a few pages for this one too...
     Super cute packs!!!

Well, I just wanted to share some of my Disney excitement with all of you!
Now it's off to bed for me!! We have an early flight to catch tomorrow! 

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring the Personalized Disney Cups by The Lemonade Girl! I hope you had a wonderful vacation to Disney.