Friday, October 4, 2013

"The Year of Randomness"

   I know it has been a long while since I last posted a word, but I promise you, I did not fall off the face of the earth. But sadly... I am not teaching this year ...yet! At first, it was a little bit hard getting used to the idea of not having a classroom...
   I must say that although I do miss teaching and all the shenaningans that come with it, I have been enjoying my time off. I have become a stay at home, carpooling mom! It certainly is a different world.
   This school year is probably going to be dubbed as:
   Lately, I have been catching up on the show "Parenthood", taking my little munchkin to and from school every day, carpooling twice a week with 2 other moms at my son's high school and just enjoying the fact that I am able to do so!
    I also recently embarked on a new small business adventure and have become an Independent Beauty Consultant with BeautiControl.
    I tried their products at a spa demonstration back in July and fell in love! Now I spend my weekends pampering women with our awesome skincare products,  having fun AND making some extra cash on the side! My Spa Parties are what I look forward to every weekend!
   But I have to admit, I have been getting a little bored lately.... (just a little), during the week. I know I should be working my mobile spa business all the time, but I like it as a weekend thing. I gives me something to look forward to! So I decided to apply for a part time job at Kohls. Hey, I love to shop there... so why not, right? Turns out, it took little effort to get hired, especially with seasonal hiring about to begin... and so, I start next week.
   So, yea... "The Year of Randomness"
   Anyhow, my little one and I are still doing fun learning activities together in our spare time-- well, her spare time, really. I can't let all of my creative energy go to waste now, can I?  She surprises me some days when, after 6 hours in her K Readiness program, she still comes home and wants to do "work". So I keep it fun and have been sticking with Montessori inspired trays and activities that I switch out every few days to keep her interest.
   Here are a few pics from last month as we learned about the letter Tt, letter recognition and worked on some fine motor skills


   And with the free time I have on my hands now, I have been putting more time into creating some mini math & literacy learning activity packs that the little munchkin and I will be working on in the coming month! I will be posting them this weekend!
    So, stay tuned because...I'm back!!

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