Sunday, October 6, 2013

Celebrating Fall with Fun Math & Literacy!

   Alright, fall is definitely in the air!
   It didn't exactly feel that way today with the humidity... but still....
   The little munchkin and I are very excited that fall is here! We spent some time outdoors today and collected pinecones and leaves for some future art projects. We can't wait until there are enough leaves in our backyard so we can rake them up and go crazy!
    And since I am know that in one day, there can be a swift change in temperature, I have been working on some Fall Math & Literacy units for those days it may be too rainy and cold to be outside. Nothing big... each unit has only three printable activities. 
Take a look and click on the pic to get your own copy at my TPT store:

I am sure your kiddos will enjoy them! 
\My little munchkin is enjoying the activity trays... even after a long school day!

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