Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun with my Little Munchkin!

After viewing some awesome Easter craft ideas on Pinterest, I just had to try some on my own with my munchkins! BUT because of the weird no holiday celebration rule, unfortunately I could not do any of the crafts with  my preschool munchkins. L

But no biggie for me, I just did them with my little munchkin at home! Here are a few of the Easter crafts and activities that we did on the few days leading up to Easter.

Marshmallow Egg
We were eager to get some Easter crafts done and our first one was a Marshmallow egg. 

She tends to prefer lots of hands on activities and she loves to glue things, so I knew this one would be a hit. And just by looking at the pictures, you can tell just how focused she is.


We are continuously learning the letters in her name (my goal is to have her be able to spell out her name letter by letter before she can even write it) so I added in the letter N on her egg.

And of course I caught her trying to sneak in some marshmallows!! LOL

Good thing I had extra on hand for her to eat!

That was one delicious Easter Egg craft!!!

Letters  in  My  Name
Speaking of letters in a name, another activity we did one day was one that I created off the top of my head, as I was in Teacher Mode. 

I made a Name Activity for my little munchkin, using some foam egg shapes. 

 I wrote the letters of her name on each egg. Then she turned over each egg and we identified each letter.

 I took it one step further and wrote her name on a paper.  Then I had her match the eggs to the letters.

Easter  Shape  Sorting
I had raided the Dollar Tree a few weeks back and found some awesome crafty things for Easter! Dollar Tree is becoming one of my Top 5 stores!

My little munchkin has been doing well in sorting objects so I took a few foams Easter shapes and had her do an Easter Sorting activity.

 She did such an awesome job and I didnt even have to step in to give her any kind of help!  Thats my girl!! 

When she was done I had her go back and count each group of shapes for me. It brought a huge smile and a little tear at the corner of my eye. ;) I had a very proud Momma Moment!

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