Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ll is for Ladybugs!

It’s  Ladybug  Week!  

    I was planning to do some spring type activities with my little munchkin this week, but she had other ideas! She was looking at my Insect theme box & books that I had pulled out of the garage to do some lesson planning and when I asked her what she wanted to learn about and she said “Lady bugs!”

   So I switched gears and ladybugs it was. Thankfully I already had some ladybug stuff in my Insect theme box (books, mini bug erasers, bug toys) but that didn’t stop me from searching everywhere for new ideas and activities!

   I hit the jackpot on Amazon where I found a letter matching game in the shape of ladybugs, a ladybug notepad which I plan to use in several different ways and ladybug stickers All from Carson Dellosa- one of my favorite places to order teacher stuff!  And thanks to my prime membership at Amazon, everything arrived quickly! 

 Then I strolled up and down the aisles at Michaels to find any ladybug thing that I could use this week. I found more stickers, wooden pieces and a ladybug stamper! And I found a very cute, very simple craft project for her to do.

Ll is for Ladybug
We started off the week by using some printables from Confessionsof a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week Curriculum, which is one of my favorite homeschooling blogs.

She wanted to do one thing after another. She was ready to go!

She worked on her coloring and cutting skills, a puzzle and a sizing game all within an hour and a half!!


Later that day, I pulled out my big bag of mini erasers and she dumped them all out on the floor! I immediately turned it into a sorting activity and gave her some cupcake liners and showed her how to sort them.

She actually saved me the tedious task of having to pull out all the ladybug erasers to use as counters. 

And again, she was ready to work and started working on the Leaf/ Ladybug math mats I made just for her. It was a great way for her to practice her one to one counting!

More fun ladybug activities to come......

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