Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Touring Italy !

  I feel very blessed to be in the company of so many different ethnicities and cultures at my Head Start center. In my classroom alone, I have at least 6 different ethnicities! It is awesome and I absolutely love the diversity! Being a Chicago native, diversity was all around me, so I feel at home.

   So, it was no surprise that our focus for the Week of the Young child was multiculturalism. I am sure it could have been something else but I like the fact that in teaching our students about different countries, we are teaching them about differences and tolerance within those differences-those are very important lessons for children to learn!

   Anyhow, so my classroom was assigned to Italy!  cIAO!

   The munchkins are still intrigued with the entire world and are fascinated with our classroom globe since we have been referring to it since last week when we talked about Earth Day.
   We located Italy in the globe and then I showed them Italy on a larger map. The children’s atlas I had came in handy because it helped me to teach them different things about Italy- some things that I didn’t even know! LOL
   The first things we learned to identify was the flag of Italy.
   The munchkins love to paint, as all preschoolers do, and so when it came time to paint the flag of Italy, we experimented with some sponge paint rollers that I found in the art closet! 

It was messy but what is painting if it isn’t messy, right?

   After learning some interesting facts about Italy, I drew a picture of Italy on bulletin board paper, as best as I could. My drawing skills are at about the preschool level to be honest with you!
   Each munchkin contributed to our Italy collage as they chose the clip art picture they liked the best and cut and paste it onto the paper.

   And this is part of the display that is hanging outside our classroom, ready for our Multicultural Day event tomorrow afternoon!

   Today we learned about 2 famous Italian artists: Michelangelo and Da Vinci. We started some awesome art activities today and we will finish them up tomorrow in time for the afternoon event!


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