Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Ladybug Fun !

I love that I let my little munchkin pick the topic of study this week! Everyday she wanted to do something with ladybugs. It has definitely been a fun week.... 

One day, all she wanted to do was work with glue! So, that’s what she did!

Ladybug Shapes
She can name all her shapes but I always look for ways to reinforce shapes in every day activities. 
I made a ladybug body cutout and had her paste it together. On the wings, I had drawn some shape outlines and I gave her the shape cutouts to match and glue onto the wings.

 She went absolutely wild when I gave her glitter!

Ladybug Letter Sorting

We also worked on visual skills and letter sorting with a printable from the Letter of the Week curriculum.

Ladybug Painting Fun
One day, my little munchkin woke up and wanted to paint.
She picked red paint, grabbed some popsicle sticks and went right to work.

      Isn't  that a cute Ladybug?


Another painting project we did was with the letter L.
 She painted a letter L with watercolors and then took some ladybug stickers and put them on the L.

Mail Delivery!  (Ladybug Alphabet Puzzles)
When the package from came in on Tuesday afternoon, I  don’t know who was more excited: her or me!
We immediately ripped the box open to find our goodies and start playing! I gave her only a few of the ladybug puzzles so she wasn’t overwhelmed.

Soon, one of our guinea pigs, Mimi, decided to join in on the learning fun!
 I was cracking up as I watched my little munchkin interact and be the teacher and play school with Mimi.

Mimi was a perfect student and was paying attention very well!  LOL 
A+ for Mimi for the day! 

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