Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ladybug Critter Craft

So I mentioned that I came across an easy ladybug craft project at Michaels for my little munchkin to do.

Here are the supplies we used:
(There is double of almost everything on the tray b/c I wanted to make one too!)
- Clay pots
- Red & Black craft paint
- Small Styrofoam balls (you only need about 3 per project)
- Wiggly eyes
- Craft glue
- Paintbrush
- White & Black pipe cleaners

                                                                                                                                                                    She was very excited to start painting even though I noticed that she used only one hand the entire time she was painting!

She started off painting one small clay pot red. 

Just look at that concentration!

   Next I cut off a small part of one Styrofoam ball (to allow for easy gluing onto the pot) and she painted it black. She couldn’t get a good grip on the ball and paint at the same time so I had to lend a hand.
Notice how she is only using one hand? Weird... LOL

After we let it dry for about 30 minutes, we proceeded to glue the “head” onto the body.

We had to stick the eyes in, on the top of the Styrofoam ball and put some glue to hold them in there.

Afterwards, we cut the black pipe cleaners in 2 inch pieces and stuck them behind the eyes. I added a piece of white pipe cleaner to add a little smile. 

** The other 2 Styrofoam balls are to be cut in half, painted black and then glued to the bottom of the pot to make the ladybug’s feet.**

HOWEVER, little miss munchkin liked her ladybug just as it was, so we left it like that!

Isn’t it adorable? It is now displayed on the windowsill in my kitchen!  I   LOVE   it!
(I have yet to finish mine!)

Too bad all the cute craft ideas can’t all be MY ideas, right? LOL

Big Thanks  to  Michaels  for the cute idea !  =)  

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