Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Making Memorial Day Fun...!

   Yes-I know I am late with the Memorial Day fun, but I have to share because we had such a wonderful and relaxing weekend, with some Memorial Day learning fun tied in!

   I gave my little munchkin a brief intro to the meaning of Memorial Day, (seeing as her daddy is a veteran and served in the Marines for 4 years) by reading one of my classroom books about Patriotic Holidays.

   We then did a quick and simple Memorial Day wreath, an idea I found, via Pinterest, from favecrafts.com
We used cardboard to cut out a wreath shape and I snagged some red, white and blue stars and hearts foam stickers at Party City last weekend. Because I am who I am, I even tried to teach her a simple ABC pattern with the colors! 

   Then I saw this fun and yummy idea from bedifferentactnormal.com and I had to make it for breakfast! 
Flag Waffles! YUM! YUM! 
We will definitely be eating these again for the 4th of July…or probably much, much sooner! =)

   And for dessert last night, we decorated star shaped cookies (already baked b/c there was NO way I was turning the oven on in 88 degree weather!)

   Now back to work with my preschool munchkins! I am getting ready to undertake the tedious, but necessary, task of end of the year testing. (YES, testing in preschool-- it is outrageous!) 
   In the next two weeks, I hope to share some ideas that we are doing in the classroom to cover Letter & Number review... 
If you have any fun review activities, please share!! Thanxs!!

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