Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Insect Fun- plus a FREEBIE!

     There was all this buzz in the classroom about insects and I knew the munchkins knew what insects were, but after reading several books and discussing different types of insects, I decided to try and trick them!
   I made an Insect web and drew insects and some non-insects. (My drawing skills are at the preschool level, so don't laugh!)
   We went through things that we knew about insects ( 6 legs being the most important characteristic) and determined which  animals could be classified as Insects.
   Last  week was also Mental Health Awareness Week, and we  read a perfect book about a certain red insect who had an attitude problem: The Grouchy Ladybug.  We talked about what it meant to be grouchy and then each munchkin shared what things make them grouchy!
  I then took my camera and asked them to make their best Grouchy face and they made a ladybug and I pasted a picture of their grouchy face onto the ladybug. (An idea I saw all over Pinterest and just HAD to do!)

   We also worked on our uppercase and lowercase alphabet recognition with my newly  created Ladybug Mats (get your free copy here). I had intended to use a cookie sheet and magnetic squares for individual use, but when I noticed that there were more than 3 munchkins who wanted to play, I decided to make it into a group game. Each munchkin had to search for the cards they needed. It turned out better that way because I was able to see them working together and got a better sense of who was knowledgeable in matching uppercase and lowercase letters and who still needs extra practice!

Now, here is a FREEBIE for you!

   In addition to having them try and spell the names of different insects, I put some spelling mats in our Writing Center.

Click here to grab your copy!

   It is obvious that my munchkins are obsessed with insects right now and my head is still FULL of ideas that I would like to try BUT I do need to move it along... There is LOTS to do to start getting ready for the end of the school year! 
   I think I am going to give it another few days-Especially since I just replaced the sand with dirt and digging tools in our sand table that has been full of insects! (plastic ones of course!)

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