Saturday, May 26, 2012

No Time for REAL cupcakes !

     Wow, I have been M.I.A. all week long huh?
   It has been yet another hectic week. But why am I surprised? It IS the end of the school year! 
Well aside from it being the end of the school year, I have some good reasons as to why there has been NO TIME for REAL cupcakes!  =(

On Wednesday, my little muchkin had her 1st little ballet/tap recital  and well, stage fright got the best of her… 
   Then some friends from Chicago came in to visit and we had lots of catching up to do
   Then my Head Start organization sponsored a Masquerade Ball for the children and their families on Friday night. There was a lot of crazy preschool fun going on last night! =)
   Anyhow, our out-of-town friends left this afternoon, so life is a bit back to normal. Or as normal as it can get this time of year.
   Throughout the busy week, we struggled with some pretty warm weather, which put my plans to bake cupcakes with my little munchkin, aside. I resent the fact that this house that we are renting has NO air!!  We are definitely going to be spending some money on a decent size air conditioner if the temps, here in WNY, continue to climb!
    Anyhow, so instead of baking cupcakes and having to turn on the oven, I did the next best thing. It was actually something I was going to do anyway... I made a Cupcake Sensory Bin!
    All it took was some cupcake liners, a box of cake mix, some sprinkles, a few measuring spoons and a cupcake pan. And there we had it- a yummy looking and smelling sensory bin! 
   My little munchkin had lots of fun dumping and filling the cupcake liners and pans. It was a complete mess to clean up. She had flour and cake mix all over herself- it was like she actually had been in the kitchen baking cupcakes!!

   Then I came across some Crayola Model Magic Dream Bakery kit on clearance at Target. It was just yet another cupcake thing for my little munchkin to do instead of making REAL cupcakes!

   And I couldn’t forget to have her try out the new Alphabet Matching game I created just for our Cupcake theme.
Click here for your FREE copy!

    I think I am all cupcaked out! I know she isn’t though. She is obsessed with cupcakes and has been since she was able to eat them! 
    MAYBE the weather will cool off a little and I will be willing to turn on that oven and do some baking with her. If not I will have to settle for some already baked cupcakes that she can decorate herself. NOT the same, but hey it will still be fun!


  1. My little girls would love the cupcake activities for sure! Just ADORABLE!!

  2. I love this post but now you are making me crave cupcakes : ) Thank you so much for the freebie.