Sunday, June 10, 2012

Road Trips, Graduations, End of the Year Preparations= CHAOS and CRAZINESS !

Wow, has the end of the school year got me frazzled!  So much so, that I havent even had a minute to blog about how stressed I am with all that is going on these days!!
    Last weekend had me taking a road trip to Chicago for my nieces high school graduation at my high school alma mater, followed by some hardcore training (ok, it wasn't hardcore seeing as I started 3 weeks ago) for the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5 Mile Run , which I managed to actually finish UNDER the time I set for myself-- which to me was impressive, for not having run any kind of race in over 13 years!   =)   But it kicked me back into gear and now my running workouts are back! Yay!
    BUT I guess life is good and there are 5 more student days left!!  I had intended to share some review ideas last week, but never got around to even peeking at my blog. 
    Nonetheless, I am back this week with a few things to share!
   As part of our Letter Review, I had the munchkins each pick a letter and create a Letter Page for a classroom book (which come to think of it, I still need to put back together since they enjoyed it so much, the cover got ruined!) I pulled out the Letter Cards that they were not interested in using in the Writing Center and my ABC stickers from Lakeshore Learning.
   I knew they were probably tired of using the same ole markers and crayons, so I dug through my art closet and found these cool Paint Brush Pens by Crayola! I thought they were pretty neat and so did the kids!
    We also focused on letter sounds (especially since I was also focusing on the phonological awareness section on my End of the Year Assessment).  The munchkins worked in small groups and played some Letter Mat Games that I forgot I had,from an awesome resource book by The Mailbox. I LOVE The Mailbox! It has been my go-to guide since I started my teaching career!
     I also created a few Letter Review Sheets (I promise to post them as a Freebie soon!) and I introduced them in small groups and then put them in the Writing Center for individual use.  They completed the sheets in 2 different ways.

    We also played many Letter Games during Circle Time, such as "I Have, Who Has?" , a fun card game idea (and a Freebie)  that I downloaded from Loving and Learning in PreK . They really enjoy that one!
     And I am sure we did many other fun letter review activities, but my brain is so fried, I can't recall them right now!  =)

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