Friday, June 29, 2012

Flower Power Continues...!

     This is the last post about Flowers I promise!! There is a plethora of ideas out there for flower units and I was overwhelmed by all the awesome ideas that I saw on blogs and on Pinterest! I wanted to try it all. But I can’t.
     I wanted to make sure I touched on a little bit of Science with my little munchkin, in regards to how a flower grows. I am a fan of Scholastic News and I love that they now have a Preschool Edition! Since Flowers is a hot topic/unit in the Spring, I wasn’t surprised when I found this in my spring stash! I love that it comes with a Big Book type pamphlet and a little one for little hands. =)
    We looked at the picture of the flower and I told her the parts of a flower and briefly talked about how each part grows.

    Home School Creations created a FREE Garden Unit and as always, I chose which activities I thought the little munchkin would enjoy, Usually I am rightBUT I was wrong about this one! She wanted nothing to do with it! But it’s still a cute activity... I even put magnet strips on to make it into a cookie sheet puzzle.
 Lucky for me I had some leftover die cut flowers from my Flower Mat making I did last weekend and I found a way to use them to create a magnetic Parts of a Flower Puzzle! Now this one, she liked! I also brought out her box of magnetic pom-poms to use as seeds.
 (I love how our dog, Sox, is just there, smelling her foot!)

  Here are some pictures I want to share of the Parts of a Flower Activity that my Preschool munchkins did, that I failed to post...
  I also made some Literacy Mats with other die cut flowers and she used foam flower stickers to play a letter matching game. ( I used the letters of her name to make each Letter Mat.)
  We wrapped up our Flower unit by making a fun lunch! A hummus sandwich in the shape of a floweralong with a tomato as the seed(s), celery as the stem and carrots as the leaves! It was a yummy way to review the Parts of a Flower! And I added some heart shaped cheese, just because! =)

And now, the Flower Fun has come to an end.....

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