Friday, June 29, 2012

July Calendar FREEBIE !

    So my little munchkin and I have been singing the Days of the Week song, to the tune of “The Addams Family”, a lot lately! So of course, I have been going with it and have been trying to slowly teach her the names of each day of the week.
    This led me to think about using a calendar (like the one I use in my preschool classroom), with her at home! So I pulled out some extra calendar stuff that I had in my teacher stash in the garage. Then I quickly created some fun Beach Ball calendar cover ups to use, rather than having to dig out the ones that I use in the classroom.
  And since Calendar Work is fun and a great way to teach simple math skills, I am providing it to you today for free! =)

Happy Freebie Friday!!

    I laminated the numbers and put velcro dots on the calendar and calendar cover ups. Now we are ready to start using and playing with our calendar -- starting on Sunday! =)

Click here for your FREE Beach Ball calendar cover ups for the month of July!


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