Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flower Fun !

    Flowers are everywhere! We walk outside and turn left, we see a garden with flowers! We turn right, we see another garden full of flowers!  It sure is nice to have neighbors who keep their gardens looking lovely!  Too bad I don’t have a green thumb, or else we would have our own garden to look at! =)

    This past week, the weather heated up quite a bit. But I was not complaining! There wasn’t much humidity in the air—thank goodness! So the heat was bearable b/c of the summer breeze… felt like I was in Hawaii!

   Anyhow, the little munchkin and I are always looking for fun stuff to do and with this heat, we brought out the water hose and the water table! I took an idea I saw in a Mailbox magazine and created a Flower water play area. 
   All I needed was fake plastic flowers (which I cut down to a smaller size), some empty Dannonino yogurt containers, and a spray bottle—and there we had it! Not quite sure what to call it though… Flower Spray Play?  I don’t know! =) 
   The little munchkin had TONS of fun putting the flowers inside the containers, setting them up and spraying away! Note: It led to a whole lot of additional soaking water play! This lead to purchasing 2 wacky sprinklers to help us keep cool!
    When we aren’t outside getting wet, or playing in the “dirt”, as she calls it (it’s really her garden sensory bin), we are indoors doing some other fun stuff.
    Here are a few little projects we have done with Flowers this week.

               Glued buttons onto the Letter F:
Scrapbook Flowers- 
I cut scrapbook paper into parts of a flower and glued them onto paper: 

   Skittle Flowers:
Then I got an fun idea to do, with a Flower dot printable that I found at Making Learning Fun.
    Rather than using Fruit Loops, I used Tropical Skittles! They are much more colorful and delicious!

 It was as VERY tasty Flower Treat! =)

    This weekend I have been making some math mat games for my little munchkin to play in the next week! 
     And I just finally put together my Preschool Memory Book! I will share a picture tomorrow! 

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