Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mighty Math Powers with Flowers !

   My little munchkin has been doing really well with her counting so I wanted to take some time to make a few math mat games for her to practice her counting and one to one correspondence.

   I love my Cricut machine and try to find ways to just use it! I saw an idea in one of my Mailbox magazines and rather than using the blackline masters that were in the magazine,  I whipped out my Cricut machine and made my own version!

    The math mats I made can be used in many different ways. Here is how I used them with my little one:

Bee & Flower Clip Game
 She matched the Bee Number Clip to the Number on the Flower Petals. 
(She got a little frustrated because she had a hard time opening up the clothespins.)

Bee & Flower Counting Mats
    We identified the numbers and then used bee counters to cover up the flower. I decided to put some magnetic strips on the bees so that it became a Cookie Sheet Math game! =)  She was even role playing a "teacher"!  =)

  It was much more fun for her that way, but it can be used as an ordinary math mat- which is how I will probably use it in my preschool classroom next school year!

Math Counting Mats with Flower Erasers:

I also remembered these play-doh math mats from Home School Creations, that I had used in many different ways in the classroom. I had her use our mini flower erasers instead of play-doh to play and count. 

Click here or on the picture for a link to the Home School Creations blog and for your own FREE copy of these versatile math counting mats.
Flower Number Order:
    I wanted to do some work on identifying the numbers and the order of the numbers. So I made some counting cards, up to number 10. 
Click here for your own copy!

    I helped her to put them in order and once they were all lined up, she grabbed her My Little Pony toys and did some one-to-one correspondence work- all on her own!
 It was a proud momma moment! I guess she wanted to see just how many My Little Pony toys she had! 
We sure have done a lot of math work these past few days! 

Hope you enjoyed our Mighty Math Power Fun with Flowers!


  1. That's amazing! I'm going to try the flower and bees with my boy, but since he is into Spiderman I may use spiders and webs. Thanks for the idea!!!

    1. Making the math games is a little time consuming but it beats spending $ on games... LOL! They are fun to make though! Have fun making him a game...let me know how it comes out and how he likes it! If you want, I can make one and post it as a freebie so all you have to do is download it and put it together!(I have some free time to try and make one and my little one would enjoy it since she likes Spiderman too! LOL)

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  3. Yay I need some more math ideas to pin. This is great, thanks for the printables as well. Thanks for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom