Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ff is for Flowers !

  So I did a Flower unit with my preschool  munchkins but with so much going on at the same time, I was unable to do all the fun things I had planned to do. 

Gee…how often does THAT happen to teachers?!

    So, I just brought some ideas on over to my little classroom at home with my own little munchkin.
    I have been trying to find a flow of what, how and when I will do fun learning activities with my munchkin at home this summer. So far in learning with her, I think I have focused on a letter, using two different kinds of themes. (ex: C is for Caterpillar & C is for Cupcake) Each theme took at least 2 weeks. I think that is the type of learning schedule  that I am going to stick with throughout the summer, in addition to our reading program at the library, some fun outdoor time, pool time… and all that other summer fun! =)
Anyhow, here is what I presented to her to begin our Flower Unit.
  We began with the letter Ff and looked at the flip chart to learn about things that start with the letter. (I was shocked that Flower wasn't on it!)
   Then she decorated her letter F with foam flower stickers, which gave her fine motor skills some work.


    And as always, with each letter, I have her work with tracing the letter, using a dry erase marker and a laminated letter page. (This one comes from the Letter of the Week curriculum, created by Confessions of a Homeschooler.)
   She likes to do paper puzzles because she loves using glue! I found this one in a Flower Unit at 2TeachingMommies blog, which is a blog full of fun ideas!
   I wanted to try some math & counting with her so I dug out a die and some mini flower erasers from one of my teacher tubs (I have a gazillion!) and used a star ice cube tray I found in the dollar section at Target.
  I tried to demonstrate how to roll the die, count the dots and then place the erasers in each star on the tray. BUT she had her own idea on how she wanted to play! So I let her go at it. Guess my game wasn’t as exciting as hers…which is ok!! She was still working on her counting and one-to-one correspondence! =)

Later that day, I put together a mini garden sensory bin for her along with some gardening things I found at…where else? Target Dollar Bins!

            One of our shih-tzus was being nosey and wanted to play too!

    Here is as picture of the Garden I had in my classroom for the preschool munchkins.

   I am debating how deep I want to get into flowers with my little munchkin. Right now my focus will just be the letter Ff and different Flower activities. 
   I am going to attempt the Parts of a Flower and maybe the Seed to Flower process, but as always, I am going to follow her lead and do what she is interested in. J
More Flower Fun to come!