Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Yay! Summer vacation has officially begun!

    And silly me, I started it WITHOUT a cup of coffee and here it is, mid-afternoon, and my head is pounding! UGH....

    Anyhow, the year ended off great! Closing up another classroom and putting year #8 in the books made me reflect on my journey as a teacher, here in a new city and state. It has been quite a memorable  school year. It started off pretty rough, as I ventured into new waters and took a job as a daycare teacher, working with 3 year olds.
    Wow, was that nothing short of a disaster. I hit a wall a month into the job; which is very unusual for me. The atmosphere was negative and unsupportive and my passion for working with little munchkins was fading. I allowed the disappointment and frustration to overwhelm me and I got to a point where even though I woke up and I hoped for a better day, I was only left disappointed within an hour of walking through the door. It was bad....It was a feeling I hated to feel but I just couldn't shake it...
    But there was a light at the end of that tunnel and 6 months into the job, another opportunity came along. An opportunity to work in a Head Start organization in the inner city. And I can honestly say that although all of my teaching experience has been in an inner city, this experience was different. This experience helped to bring me out of the dark place I felt I had been in.
    This group of preschoolers helped to remind me WHY I became a teacher in the first place. They brought me back to a place where I started my teaching career- a place full of passion and excitement about the field of early childhood education.   =)
      So, needless to say, this group of 19 preschoolers in the inner city of Buffalo, NY, will FOREVER hold a very special place in my heart.  

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