Wednesday, June 13, 2012

End of the Year Preparations ! (Plus a PreK Memory Book Freebie!)

End of the year preparations have been underway for a few weeks now, and the last day of school and our Moving Up Celebration is only 2 days away!

End of the Year Testing: Check!
Student Portfolios: Check!
Moving Up Day Songs Practiced: Check!
End of the Year Gifts For The Munchkins: Check!
Preschool Memory Book:  Oops! I forgot about that one!! 

   Our final topic of the year was the Letter Kk and Kindergarten. We talked about all the things they have learned this year and I had them each draw a picture on a kite shape and dictate a sentence about what they can do now that they are off to Kindergarten! Then I had then pick and glue the letters in their name onto the kite ribbon.


    When I started the preschool position, I quickly took over the classroom and decorated the hallway with Stars. This is how I view my preschool munchkins as every year: SUPER STARS!
  So it felt right to just keep with that theme for my End of the Year gifts. Here are the little items that are inside the gift bags:

And here at all 19 of the gift bags, packed and ready to be handed out on Friday afternoon!
    With so much to get done this past week, I am running on EMPTY! I am so ready for this school year to be over! Don’t get me wrong I have truly LOVED the past few months working in Head Start. The beginning of the school year started off rough, as I had just moved to Buffalo and was eager to find work and landed a job in a daycare - which was NOT at all what I expected it to be! And with the new year, came a new opportunity to work in Head Start and I have been grateful ever since! I truly love my career as a preschool teacher!!! 
    Anyhow, seeing as this preschool teaching position is my 1st in a city other than Chicago (where I started my teaching career and taught for 7 years) , the Head Start organization and this year’s preschool class will absolutely hold a special place in my heart. That’s why I am glad I started this blog because it has made me a better teacher as I have gone crazy with documenting my students learning fun with pictures for the past 3-4 months!
   So I am having my preschool munchkins help me create a Preschool Memory Book. J  It will be my own keepsake!
                 Click here for your own FREE copy! 
     (The 1st page is blank and that is where I intend to put a class photo)

I will post pictures later in the week to show you how it came out! 

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