Monday, July 2, 2012

Getting ready for the 4th of July !

   For me, the 4th of July has always symbolized the actual start of summer.  It isn’t necessarily after Memorial Day or even when school lets out. 
My official summer kick off has always been the 4th of July!
     I love doing holiday crafts & such.... Yay! Lucky for me, the 4th ofJuly holiday is only 2 days away! 
    So of course, my mind is flooded with so many cute and fun 4th of July activities!
Here is the tray of fun activities I had for her this weekend.
    Fellow mommy bloggers created a fun little unit just for the 4th of July! They also have tons of other fun units for little ones that I enjoy using with my little munchkin.
Hop on over to their blog or click here to download your own!
    Here we used the Spelling Sheet and magnetic letter tiles to spell the work FIREWORks.
And instead of dot painting, putting stickers or magnetic pom poms onto this paper, I chose to use glitter and glue! SOmething about tho of July screams: Glitter!  =)
    I saw this Firework Art idea on Pinterest , using pipe cleaners to paint fireworks, and so we tried it. I had to use a clothespin on the tip of the pipe cleaner though to allow her a better grip. She loved it! And she continued with different colors, 3 different times!
    There you go: FIREWORKS!

Tomorrow we will go see real Fireworks after a Buffalo Bisons baseball game! 
When we moved here last summer, we went to a baseball game….Seems it might just become a 4th of July tradition out here!

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