Friday, July 27, 2012

One last fishy a FREEBIE!

    Wow, what a busy week I have had! I took a short trip with my little girl to Chicago, came home to my son and hubby, celebrated my ?? birthday,  and then ran a 5k Race ON my birthday (which was on the 25th by the way)   =)
I really meant to host a giveaway in celebration of my birthday. And well, as you can see, that didn’t happen! =(     
Let’s see if I can get something together and host a Back To School Giveaway in the next few weeks.
    This week, busy as it was, I managed to wrap up the Letter F / Fish unit with my little munchkin.
     Here are a few of the random Fish activities that we did this past week.
    Since she is getting ready to enter a Preschool classroom (Year  1), I need to be working a little more with her in her readiness skills. So I whipped out some tot scissors and had her practice cutting some lines. (This sheet came from the Letter of the Week Letter Ff pack, by Confessions of a Homeschooler.) 
    She didn’t really care for the tot scissors, as they were quite awkward, and after she struggled with them for a few minutes, I went ahead and gave her some regular kid scissors, which she liked a lot better.
    Another readiness skill we are working on is her visual discrimination with a little bit of letter identification. So, I went back to the Fish Bowl mats that I created to practice math skills and I switched them up and made Alphabet letter matching mats. It can be used in lots of different ways, such as with ABC stickers, magnets or letter tiles.  I made some quick fish cutouts and labeled them with uppercase and lowercase letters. 
The only mat we used though was the Matching Letters mat, as the Matching Uppercase to Lowercase letters was too much for her right now.
Since it IS Friday, I have linked up again with TBA’s Freebie Friday! YAY!
Click here for your free copy of the Fish Bowl Alphabet Mats!

     I then created a quick sheet and used Alphabet stickers that I found in the Dollar section at Target. She did a very good job matching the sticker to the letter! She even added the extra letters as well!
    I had seen this fun idea somewhere (sorry, I can't remember where) and really wanted to do it with my little munchkin. It can be using done small counting cubes, but I do not own any cube blocks! =(  So after thinking and searching for something to use in place of cube blocks, I found…. Legos! My son has a TON of them and so I snatched a few and put them out with a Letter Ff Mat….FUN stuff!
      And of course, we couldn’t get through the week without some fun art activity and a yummy snack!
     I had some fun stencils that I had found on clearance at Michael’s last summer and when I came across them in an art box in the garage, I knew she would love to use it with her new Crayola Paint Markers. Look at this masterpiece! Ok, I admit, I helped her a bit b/c she kept saying, “Mommy, wanna paint with me?”   =)
   And this super cute Color Sorting Mat is FREE- just visit Criss-Cross Applesauce Blog!
 A fun, learning snack!
         And I think that about wraps up our Fish Unit....The Last Fishy Catch! =) 

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