Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My First Crafty Tuesday post!

     This is my very first Feature (weekly) Post titled Crafty Tuesday!
     Thanks for stopping by to see what fun Valentine's Day crafts that the little munchkin and I have made!
    I have not one-- but three fun crafts to share with you today!!
    The walls in my house are quite bare. I am odd and I am not a big fan of hanging pictures or portraits on the wall. But art work... that's a different story. I have taken a liking to wall art sometime within the past year. Specifically canvas arts and prints.
    In honor of Valentine's Day, I wanted to create a Heart Mosaic on canvas. I had seen many awesome ones on Pinterest, and it was on my Craft To Do List. One morning, I sat down with my materials (canvas, shredded cardstock paper and modge podge and went to work.
 I used a wooden heart shape and traced it onto the canvas.
  I used a paintbrush to sweep on the Modge Podge and then placed blue squares inside the heart. 
This was a little tricky at first because I found that the modge podge dried fairly quickly, so I had to do small sections at a time.
 And once the heart dried, I continued on with the rest. 
 Note: I used the Glossy (not matte) Modge Podge and put a coat over the entire canvas when I was all done to give it a sealed and glossy look.
    I have to admit---it doesn't look very mosaic like but any little white spaces drove me a  little nuts, so I covered it all up!
Still looks good though, right?
The next crafts, the little munchkin and I did together.
We made some homemade Valentine's Day cards to send to our family in Chicago!
We found this cute Jack Skellington Valentine craft at Spoonful
You can go here  to download a template and make your own.
And we also made some cute Puppy Valentine crafts to send to our family too!
Something about Valentine's Day makes me extra crafty. 
I took a look back and found some other crafts from last year:
And there you have it... a few simple paper crafts and a few crafts that can serve as home decor! 
Happy Crafting!


  1. Everything turned out so great!
    I'm so bad at arts and crafts. I have the hardest time finding cute things for my students to do because I'm so not creative when it comes to craftivities! Thanks goodness for TPT ;)
    Miss Elementary

    1. Thanks. I used to think I was very crafty either and then I was introduced to Pinterest and I was inspired! =)