Friday, February 28, 2014

"AT" Word Family Fun... and a FREEBIE!

    So last week, I decided that I wanted to do a little bit of Word Family work. Seeing as the munchkin is learning so many new things lately, I wanted to keep it fairly simple. Sometime over the summer, I came across a post written by Marsha over at A Differentiated Kindergarten.  I  loved what I saw and because she had created such a wonderful product that catered to different learning and ability levels, I had to have it. It is full of so many fun learning activities to use!
  I found it to be a great way to introduce the concept of word families to my little one. Especially since she has mastered almost all of her beginning sounds and is catching on fast with learning sight words. Learning word families will allow her to see patterns in words and will help her later as she starts to read more and it will help her to decode words.
  First I introduced the words in the "AT"  word family to her and displayed these cute picture cards.
She had fun playing teacher and pointing to each word as she said each one!
    Once it was obvious that she was making the picture/word connection (just by looking at the picture alone), I took it to a slightly higher level and we did some work with matching the words to the pictures.  
  I printed out the sheet with the words and used it as a mat. She then matched each picture card to the words on the mat and covered up the word with the picture card.
Here is another fun one she did to match the picture and word.
And she got some spelling and writing practice in as well, although here, it looked like she was attempting to write in cursive!
All of these fun learning activities plus lots more are all in Marsha's AT Word Work Packet. 
As we did work with the "AT"  word family, I found myself wanting to make a little
display for her to refer back to. And when I saw this idea--because I love the concept of a family and a house-[ I had to implement it! (And I did so using different clip art, for sake of picture variety)
That is the big one that we did. 
I created a smaller version for individual student use!
And this is the FREEBIE that I have for you this week!
Click on the picture to pick up your copy. 
It includes two different sheets (one with words and one without words), for different ability levels.
 Sorry I too so long in showing you what the weekly FREEBIE was.... 
I had to tell you all about Marsha's differentiated packet first!
    We will continue to do some more fun work with the -AT  Word Family, as we engage in Dr. Seuss fun and do some rhyming word activites in the next few days!

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