Monday, March 3, 2014

Mad Science Monday: Oobleck!

     I have so much to do this week to get prepared for the little munchkin's birthday party this coming Sunday and I was thinking about skipping Mad Science Monday.
    BUT she had a long day at school and a rough afternoon that included a meltdown with lots of uneccesary tears and drama. But, hey, it IS Monday... noone likes Mondays! honor of Dr. Seuss' book, "Bartholomew and the Oobleck", I decided that we would make some Oobleck today after all.
    It is a great sensory experience and is just like water, in that kids can play in it for long stretches of time!. She needed something to keep her calm and relaxed after the afternoon drama and I had a feeling this would do the trick!
 I was right! It kept her busy the whole time I prepped and made dinner!
This photo says it all:
    Making Oobleck is super easy. All you need is Corn starch and water. 
We added in food coloring and some glitter for extra fun!
A cup & a half of cornstarch and a cup of water is all you need to make a decent size batch. 
Oobleck is like a slime with the properties of both a solid and a liquid. 
She was very intrigued by the texture of it. 
It feels so weird: Wet, yet dry at the same time.
It's one of those things that calls for you to touch it!
Even big brother came along to dip his fingers into it.
To add some fun, we mixed in blue with red to try and make purple. 
And I threw a little cup in there for pouring and dumping fun!
Even though she had a small tray to play in, we ended up with a huge mess!
 Oobleck was everywhere! 
Table, clothes, her hair, the floor...everywhere! 
Somehow a few drops made it onto one of the dogs!

BUT hey, if it's not messy, it's not fun right?!
AND- it was just what she needed after a rough Monday!

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