Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Crafty Tuesday: Rainbow Wands

    Alright, prepartions are underway for the little munchkin's birthday party!
    I am loving the theme that she chose this year! Earlier this year, she fell in love with The Wizard of Oz (she was Dorothy for Halloween- and I was the Lion & my husband was the Scarecrow)
    After I picked the venue, called Sweet Charlotte's, I thought it would be cool to do a candy kind of theme... so I gave her two choices: CandyLand theme or a Wizard of Oz theme.... it was not a hard decision for her!
    I must admit though, that I was a little biased... I LOVE the Wizard of Oz...and "Munchkin Land" has always been my absolute favorite place! Hence, the word 'munchkin" in my blog name.
     There is SO much that can be done with this theme.From rainbows, to munchkins, to witches...I am trying to stay focused and just stick to the things I have planned for, without adding more or going overboard. - It's hard! Once I get that creativity going, it just keeps going!
     I have a To Do List a mile long, but as I look at it, it is all just a bunch of small things.
    And we all know that it is all in the details! And I am a detail oriented person, and that little bit of the perfectionist in me might seep through while I am trying to get everything done.
    But my mom and sister will be coming into town on Thursday so I will have some extra hands on board to get all those little details done by Sunday.
    For the past two days, I have been working on one of the party favors: Rainbow Wands.
These are super cute and fairly easy to make.
   The only craft supplies that are needed are:
    - White felt sheets
    - Ribbon in all colors of the rainbow
    - Dowel
    - Glue Gun & Scissors

    The hard part was figuring out how I was going to attach the ribbon together and then get it on the dowel. It took a few unsuccessful attempts to find a way that worked.
    First I cut the ribbon to equal lengths, then using just a dot of hot glue, I glued the six colors together at th very tip. (I used my finger - yes on hot glue - to pinch and bind the glue onto all the ribbons.)
Once the ribbons were dry, I glued two sets onto each dowel.
     The instructions I came across, recommended sewing the two white felt pieces to make the cloud.But I have no clue how nor do I have access to a sewing machine, so my hot glue gun did the trick.
     I used it to seal the two felt pieces of the cloud together, leaving a decent size opening at the bottom. 
    Then, I stuffed each cloud with some cotton balls (which I stretched and pulled out a little, and then sealed it all shut with hot glue.
    And there you have it:
 Rainbow Wands
I have to make fifteen of these and right now, my count is at eight!

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