Monday, March 24, 2014

Mad Science Monday: Color Mixing Fun!

   Well, I kind of disappeared after last week's Mad Science Monday post. Sorry... I took a few days to get myself situated because...... I am itching to get back into the classroom. When I took on the stay-at-home mom role for this school year, I told myself that once Spring break rolled around, I was going to throw my resume out there, apply for teaching jobs (if any) or sub for a school/district.... ANYTHING that would get me back into a classroom.
   And plans seem to be right on track, with Spring break in a few weeks. I have loved my time at home and I will be honest- I will miss the free time, but for me (regardless of all the drama in the education field today),  teaching is not just a job, but it's a career and a calling and it's where I feel I am at my very best. With that said, I talked to the principal at the little munchkin's school and spoke to her about becoming a sub for the remainder of the school year. I have to start again somewhere and her school is nearby and it's probably my best shot for now. Now to delve into the paperwork....
   Anyhow, so back to the learning fun at home for now....
   We have been talking alot about rainbows and the little munchkin has been learning the order of the colors of the rainbow (good ole'  ROY G. BIV), as well as the colors in Spanish!
   So to follow up with rainbows, we did a Color Mixing Experiment for Mad Science Monday.
I filled an ice tray with water and squirted in three of the primary colors: Red, Blue and Yellow.
 (I left a few clear too)  
I have read in quite a few places that the Gel Food Coloring has more vibrance in it-- and it's true! 
Look at how vibrant these colors are!
She took different colored ice cubes and placed them in whichever cup she pleased.
(I had two of each available for her to combine colors as many times as she wished, to make as many combinations as she wanted to make.)
Here are the color combinations she learned:
Red + Yellow = Orange
Red + Blue = Purple
Blue + Yellow = Green
The mixing of blue and yellow was the best one, as you could see how the two colors mixed to slowly create green, when the blue ice cube was placed in the yellow water.
And then again when the yellow ice cube was dropped into the blue water.
She later had some fun dipping the clear ice cubes into two or three different cups to create new (murky) color combinations!
Colors are so much fun and there are a plethora of fun science ideas on color mixing!

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