Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shamrockin' Sight Word Fun!

    Well, we are not Irish at all, but that hasn't stopped the little munchkkn and I from engaging in some green fun!
    She has been all about learning her sight words lately, so I pulled together a few activities to help her to learn her new set of sight words.
    The funny thing that I love about my brain, is that it always seems to be in creative teaching and learning mode. I went to Joann's to look for a little leprechaun statue of some sort for a game I had in mind, but I had no luck. And when I spotted little leprechaun hats and little pots of gold- Bam! I thought of a different game and knew these things would work.
Sight Word Hide N' Seek:
    I wrote a new sight word on each hat (front and back) and she had to identify the sight word in order to lift the hat to find the pot of gold!
She loved it and after a few tries, she wanted to switch the hats around herself and had mommy and daddy try to find the pot of gold.
For some art fun, we did an activity called:
 "Secret Shamrocks":
I cut out shamrock shapes on white cardstock paper and used a white crayon to write out sight words.
 She used watercolors to paint the shamrock and as she painted, a sight word was revealed!
 She even painted rainbow colored shamrocks!
And another activity we did this weekend with her sight words was a sorting activity.
 Pots of Golden Sight Words:
I  made some black pots and labeled each one with a new sight word. 
 She sorted through the many gold coins to find and glue the right coin into the correct pot- 
and made lots of Pots of Gold with her sight words!
The best thing about all three of these activities is that they can be made in many different ways for many different skills such as counting, identifying numbers, letter identification, matching letter to sound, etc.... the list goes on!

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