Friday, March 14, 2014

Freebie Friday...again?!

    I can't believe it is Friday again! I mean, I know it is a wonderful thing, but wow... my week went by fast! Even with the mid-week  blizzard, the week still flew right past me.
   Anyhow,  thank goodness it is Friday! 
    This week I laid low because I wore myself thin with the little munchkin's party so I didn't have the energy to create any new learning materials, activities or games.
    She did bring home another set of sight words this week and I quickly made a Sight Word Search Coloring Mat with the Wizard of Oz theme, since we are still hype on the Wizard of Oz.

    On Tuesday, we had a nice, very Spring-like day and then, on Wednesday, we  got dumped with more snow as a blizzard passed through.I swear, Mother Nature cannot make up her mind!)  So, the little munchkin has ANOTHER Snow Day. That's like #6 this winter!
    We played all of her fun board games she recieved for her birthday and caught up on reading some of the books we borrowed from the library almost two weeks ago. And I pulled out my Lakeshore Sorting Sounds Mats out of one of my zillion teacher boxes, so she could work on sorting sounds.
And then she worked some fine motor skills and did a Beginning Sound cut & paste activity that I created.
And that is your FREEBIE today!!

Click here or on the picture to download one for yourself!
(I am currently working on making this set for the entire alphabet, so the freebie is just a little sample)
I am crossing my fngers (and praying too) that this last snowfall we had this week is the last of it!
The 1st day of Spring is around the corner and I want it to start feeling like it!

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