Monday, February 3, 2014

Keeping Warm with Sight Word Fun!

    My new laptop is finally all set with files intact and everything! It took a few days and the most frustrating part was transferring all of my music and pictures from my iTunes library! But it's done!
    We are finally defrosting a bit out here...but that darn Groundhog has predicted 6 more weeks of winter! UGH! But I guess out here in Buffalo, it really doesn't matter because winter has been known to linger all the way into early April.
  Last week, when it wasn't so cold out, but there was tons of snow, we ventured outside and made a snowman!
    Isn't he adorable?? He's been hanging out in our yard for a whole week! Unfortunately with the slight warm up (yes, 20 degrees is a warmup for us after sub zero temps), he's slowly melting. 
   With all the accumulating snow and bitter cold temps going back and forth for the past week, the little one and I have been keeping warm with some Hot Chocolate themed sight word activities. She came home from school with a new set of sight words and I went right to work in creating a few activities for her.
   There are so many Sight Word activities and ideas out there that I would love to try, but since we do activities based on the list that her teacher sends home, I sometimes have to create my own printables for her. But I don't mind, it's alot of fun!!
   I still use a slight Montessori approach when presenting her activities. She likes to work on trays and it makes clean up much cleaner and quicker!
Hot Chocolate Sight Word Stamping
Hot Chocolate Sight Word Match
(Click on the picture to get your own copy in my TPT store)
Hot Chocolate Sight Word Spelling and Writing
(Click on the pictures below for your copy of the spelling mats and writing cards in my TPT store)
    These tracing cards include all the sight words that she has been learning during January- a total of fourteen!
    So far, she has been really enjoying these types of activities. I have other ideas planned to bring in some gross motor and sensory play, as well...because we love to have fun while learning! And I have plenty of Sight Word stuff packed somewhere in the garage and I have made it my goal this week to get in there and pull some things out, to place on her trays throughout the next few months.

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