Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gumball Craze!

   So, after my oh-so-cute Gumball Machine craft on Tuesday, I was inspired to make and create some fun learning activities with a gumball theme.  Because, well...Gumballs are so much fun!
   Ever notice how you can never say "no" to a gumball? Even though you know that 5 seconds after you feel that sugary ooze in your mouth, the gum will lose its flavor? And then you will be reaching for another one? OR is that just me? --- Umm, ok...maybe it's just me!  I can't ever seem to resist popping a gumball in my mouth!
   Anyhow, I pinned and brainstormed tons of learning activities that would be great with a gumball theme. But of course, I can't do it all, right? So, here are a few things we have worked on so far this week.
   First, we worked with some simple math skills.
    She worked on her counting skills with these Gumball Counting Mats that I created with this cute clip art from Ashley Hughes.
After watching her work with the mats, I realized how versatile I can make them. I thought of ways to use this same mat for literacy activities as well, which I will share soon.
( These mats will also be one of the two freebies I will have for you tomorrow for Freebie Friday!)
    She also worked on patterning with pink and purple pom poms and an ice cube tray. She is awesome at AB patterns but still needs a little more work with AAB patterns, but she will get there!
She has a few other fun math activities that she has yet to explore.
Sight Words:
    We squeezed in some Sight Word work, with her latest set of sight words from school. (Check out her super outrageously long last name!)   Hahaha!!
    Anyhow, I am making this post short and sweet today... 
    I need to get out of the Blogging Mode for the night and jump into Birthday Party Planning Mode.... the little munchkin's 5th  birthday is right around the corner and I have lots to do!


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    1. Thanks... stop by tomorrow and pick them up on Freebie Friday!! There are so many different ways to use them. I will post other ideas tomorrow as well!