Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Iceberg Hop! - A fun way to learn sight words and get moving!

  So, I am sure that since I have been hibernating (since the holidays ended), I  have put on like five pounds. This winter is getting so depressing! Maybe it's because I am not teaching this year, but man... I have had a serious case of the Winter Blues. Seriously.
   I have been itching to get my butt outside for a little run... and today-- I finally did it!!
   It was 21 degrees outside and a little cold,  but it didn't matter. That one mile felt really good! Of course, now I am a bit sore and I am sure I will be more sore tomorrow... but that's ok... I really needed that run and that adrenaline rush!!
    The other day, the little munchkin was randomly dancing around the house, with a book in her hand.
   At first, I was like " What is this child doing?"  It took me a few seconds to realize she was just ansy as I have been and needed to get up and move a little more. And a lightbulb immediately went off in my head.
   I grabbed a few sheets of printer paper and cut out shapes that looked somewhat like icebergs. I wrote her sight words on them, laminated them and BAM-- a gross motor learning activity!
   We called it the Iceberg Hop!
   She shouted out each sight word as she hopped on it!
She LOVED it! 
Even our dog, Sox, wanted to join in on the fun!
    The whole game kept us busy for more than 40 minutes! (Shocker, huh?)
    I am going to need to find some more fun gross motor activities to get us through the rest of this very long winter!