Monday, February 10, 2014

Falling in Love with Sight Words!

   What's not to love about sight words, right?
    There are SO many activity ideas and fun ways to teach children sight words. And I am having an awesome time teaching my little munchkin sight words. I am waiting for her preschool teacher to send home another set of sight words. I like to try and work on the same sight words that she is teaching in the classroom. It has been over 2 weeks since we received a set...The little munchkin has already mastered the first 14 sight words that she has been taught and she is ready to move forward with another set.
   In the meantime, she has been "falling in love" with her sight words. When we read books at bedtime, she always wants to go back and look through the book to find any sight words she knows.
    And we had a funny moment at mass this past weekend. She pulled out the song book and was flipping through the pages and when she spotted the word "the", her eyes opened up so wide and she whispered loudly, "Mommy, my sight words are in here!" It was PRICELESS.... she is discovering a whole new world full of words and is excited by it all!
    Anyhow, with Valentine's Day coming up, we needed some fun Valentine activities to practice sight words. I found these oh-so-cute felt envelopes at JoAnns the other day. I took the last five they had and I would have liked to have more. But.... I did some research (ok, ok, I just looked on Pinterest) and found out just how easy these are to make. But I didn't have the time or energy to make some more. So I made a little game with what I had.
     Each envelope had 2-3 sight words that she had to identify and then color the heart with the matching sight word.
 Everyday Celebrations, has super easy directions on how to quickly make your own felt envelopes!
    Although I can't figure out a sewing machine if I tried... I am sure a glue gun would work just fine too!
   Aside from making sight word learning lots of fun with a variety of games, I also made a little flip book from a photo album I picked up at the Dollar Tree. Each page has a card that contains a sight word that she is able to identify. It has been a portable way for her to learn her sight words on the go... and she loves to flip through it and shout out the words.
   We have used the flip book album on many occasions and in many different ways.
    She used it to name the sight word and them counted out the number of hearts she needed to spell the sight word. She wrote each letter on each heart and glued them together.
    *Here is the best part: When I taught Kindergarten (way back in 2007), this was one of the activities that I did with the students! And here is my little munchkin- 4 years old and in preschool- doing the same activity with alot of confidence. It makes me such a proud momma!
So,yes, as you can see, we are in love with sight words! 
They are so much fun to learn and teach!
Stay tuned tomorow for my first 
Crafty Tuesday post!!

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