Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crafty Tuesday: Gumball Machine

    It's Crafty Tuesday again! It seems like I was just writing my first Crafty Tuesday post a few short days ago.
    So, I'm back with another quick, fun and inexpensive craft that turns out super cute.
    With all the talk and play with candy around Valentine's Day, I wanted to do a little more with candy. And I saw these super cute gumball machines on Pinterest-- so this idea is nothing new--- but I had to try it!
    I'm telling you...Pinterest really does inspire me when it comes to crafting. I have absolutely discovered my inner craftiness since I got addicted to Pinterest.
    "My name is Sara and I am a Pin-aholic"   =)
     Anyhow... all you need are a few craft supplies to make this cute Gumball Machine craft. There are more kid friendly versions of these gumball machines using plastic ornaments/bowls and paper cups. But this craft is for ME,  and my favorite color is purple, so my gumball machine needed to be purple!
And since this is for me, I used a porcelain pot and plate and a small glass bowl (candle holder). 
I also picked up some small round shapes in a pack of eight.
It was very simple and I was done in just a few hours!
Then the little munchkin wanted to make one of her own. I did not have materials for the kid-friendly version, but construction paper always works!
She used a hole puncher for the first time to punch out different colored "gumballs". 
 Then cut out her shapes, glued them together and...
 made a papercraft Gumball Machine!
It is simple, fun and cute!
    I was so inspired by this craft, I decided to create a few learning materials and games for the little munchkin with a gumball theme! I will be sharing some of those activities later this week.

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