Friday, February 21, 2014

The Gumball Craze continues... and it's Freebie Friday!

   The Gumball Craze is still on!
    I took the Gumball Mat that we used to practice counting earlier this week, turned it into a spelling mat and the little munchkin was able to get some sight work spelling practice.
   And because my mind is constantly in teaching & learning mode, I am thinking of tweaking this even further to make a Letter/Sound Match Game. Oh, the possibilities!
Gumball Addition/Number Sentence:
Here is an addition activity she did. She chose two colors of pom poms, added them up, and then created a number sentence to match her picture.

   And then I asked myself: "What fun is a gumball theme if we can't work with REAL gumballs?!"
   So, I caved in and went to Party City to buy single gumballs (because there was no way I was buying a whole bag)  for another math game! I added in a candy scooper, an ice tray and a die.
Gumball Roll & Scoop Addition Game:
    She rolled the die once and then scooped and counted out the gumballs and placed them in the tray. She repeated that once more and then she added the total amount of gumballs she scooped.

    And the BEST part was that I let her try and eat one gumball after her addition practice! I say "try" because these gumballs were far bigger and harder to chew down on!!
    Now for the BEST part of Friday... 
FREEBIE Friday!!
    And because I failed to post a Freebie last Friday, I have TWO FREEBIES for you today!
    The first is the versatile Gumball Mat. In my past two posts, I have featured two different ways to use these mats and I am sure you can think of several more!
   The file also contains a blank sheet of gumballs so you can customize it to meet your learner's needs. 
    Click on the picture below to download your own free copy in my TPT store today!
And the other Freebie for you today is a Math Number Matching Card game... also Gumball themed! 
Click on the first picture to get your free copy!
Enjoy the FREEBIES!!

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