Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cute & Simple Valentine's Day Crafts for Munchkins!

   Before I end this weekend (which went toooo quick), I wanted to share with you some cute crafts my little one has made in the past few days! Then I need to get back to watching the Grammys!
   With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to get some cute homemade décor around my house!
   So, I put my little munchkin to work!
   With the help of Pinterest and a trip to Michaels and AC Moore, I found 3 very cute and very simple crafts!
Button Heart Art:
This project is self explanatory. I just drew a heart on the white paper and had her glue different types of red buttons inside. Throw in a picture frame and some scrapbooking stickers and you have cute décor for your end table!
Heart Painting
She liked the canvas painting from a couple of weeks ago, so I had her make a Valentine Painting.
We used an 8x8 canvas, a few different heart foam stickers and her choice- pink acrylic paint!
She picked the hearts she wanted and placed them how she wanted on the canvas. 
Then she painted the entire canvas.
  Just before it was completely dry, I peeled off the stickers (very slowly), and here it is:
Glitter Heart Doilies
The last project we worked on required a simple frame (I picked one up at Dollar Tree),  a sheet of white cardstock paper, glitter, heart doilies and pink, red and purple acrylic paints.
    I would never think to use acrylic paints as a finger paint - but for this project I did!
   She mixed the colors and as she finger painted I sprinkled on some glitter. 
   Once it dried, we used modge podge to put on the heart doilies. And then placed it in a frame! It looks SO awesome!
   There you go! Three simple and yet very cute Valentine’s Day crafts! 
    IF I were able to celebrate Valentine's Day in the classroom, I would absolutely do these with my preschoolers! (Maybe I can sneak them in somehow in this week's lesson plans!)
   Now to get back to the Grammy Awards and then MAYBE lesson plans


  1. Love all these Valentine's Day activities! Thanks for sharing!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. Thanks...just wish I had free reign to celebrate Valentine's Day at my school b/c I have so many fun ideas! I just have to save them for my little one to do at home!


  3. Love your art ideas Sara! I wish I had more of a free reign too. Speaking of Valentines, hop over for my flash giveaway! :)

    Fun in PreK-1