Thursday, February 28, 2013

Green Eggs & Ham, Anyone?

  “Would you, like them in a house? Or would you like them with a mouse?”
   I love Green Eggs & Ham! Such a fun book that my kiddos loved!

   We had a parent come in to read this book  and the kids were thrilled to hear someone else read- other than myself or my assistants!
   I actually struggled with thinking of a fun activity linked to this book that I felt the kids would really enjoy.  
   When my assistant and I put our brains together, we came up with a way to use this cool solution that we have in our art closet. We have a paint product called Bio-Color that can be used in many ways! We have used it to create water colors (using one type of solution) and then have used it to create a gooey putty like substance, using a different solution.
   So we decided to make a green egg!
   We put a few drops of green paint into a bowl of solution and they mixed it up until they had a putty like substance. Then they had a blast playing with it and slapping it onto an egg yolk shape!

   During gym time, we worked on balancing skills, as each child had a turn in balancing plastic green (and yellow) eggs on a plastic spoon. It was funny to see them so concentrated and focused on not dropping the eggs!

 And for snack, we had green pudding with vanilla wafers. We poured the pudding onto a plate and then stuck a wafer in the middle to make a Green Egg! (Sorry, no ham here!) 

    I can tell that the kids are having such a fun time learning about Dr. Seuss and the classroom library has been a popular place this week, as they have been exploring all the books I have put out for them!
   Tomorrow I will share some of the other books and activities that we have read and done this week!
   But right now, I need to go raid my closet and put together a wacky outfit for our Wacky Friday fun! I can't wait to see what kinds of wacky outfits the kids come to school in! 


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    1. Thanks! There is always so much fun to be had with Dr. Seuss!

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