Sunday, March 3, 2013

Linking Up My State-- Any other NY Bloggers??

   Wow, where did the weekend go???
   I haven't finished posting my Dr. Seuss fun and my To Do list is like a mile long!
    I still have Dr. Seuss on my mind, just not in regards to classroom activities...
   I have been in party planner mode. I hope to try and share some pics of my daughter's 4th (Dr. Seuss) bday party later this week! It is what is keeping me away from blogging!!

   Anyhow, I saw this on a fellow blogger's blog and I wanted to participate!!
   I have been blogging for almost a year now (Hint: That means a Giveaway is in the works!), and I love the blogging community! You all inspire me everyday! I love to read all about the awesome ideas you have and see all the great ideas come alive in your classroom!
   I only hope that my little blog will continue to grow so that I can meet more wonderful teacher bloggers!
   Any other NY bloggers???

   Although I am from Chicago and wish I could link up the state of Illinois.... I have to say that these days, with all the terrible news coming out of Chicago, I am glad to NOT be there!!

   ANYWAY.... I really have to get back to lesson plans....

   Go on and link up your state at Fifth in the Middle!

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